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Welcome to our Lesbian Families Section! More and more lesbians are getting hitched and creating families.   Citypink have come up with some useful information to mull over if you want to get hitched, want to transfer from civil partnership to marriage, want to have children yourself, gay adoption etc.   Read On.

Family Group - We offer a same-sex families group Littlepink for you to become a part of. 

Lesbian Fertility - London Womens Clinic offers myth-busting information on the practicalities of fertility treatment.  

Civil Partnership and Marriage - For those thinking of  marriage, we are building the civil partnership and marriage page.  This offers the legal information on what's what, and some great photography, holiday offerings to help you plan the big occassion. (page being built).

There have been some phenomenal changes for the rights of LGBT people in the U.K. on the subject of marriage and parenting however, there is still much to consider and to find out about being a gay parent and also just being a parent!  We would like to thank Stonewall for the tremendous work they have done securing parental rights for gay people.

Foreword from Stonewall

The last decade saw tremendous advances in gay equality and nowhere more so than in the area of parenting.

It’s no surprise then, that there are now almost 20,000 young people across Britain, growing up with same-sex parents. 

The children in these families see their families as different and unique in the same way that all children think that their families are special.

We know however, that sometimes the actions of other people make life difficult for these children.  YouGov polling for Stonewall of 2,000 lesbian, gay and bisexual people found that three in five would expect their child to face bullying in primary school if it were known they had gay parents. Primary school teachers tell a similar story, with more than two in five saying that children in their schools experience homophobic bullying.

That’s why in 2010 we launched our ground-breaking Different Families campaign to help primary schools create an environment where the children of same-sex parents feel supported and included in their learning. Since then we’ve sent our posters and teaching packs into every one of Britain’s 20,000 primary schools and next year we’ll be releasing FREE, a trailblazing film for primary school students celebrating difference, diversity and the importance of being yourself.

There’s work for you to do as well - find out if your child’s school is a Stonewall School Champion and if not ask them why,or why not become a school governor yourself? Small steps like these take us closer towards our goal of ensuring that all parents, regardless of their sexual orientation, can have the confidence that their children will be able to learn and grow free from bullying.

Ruth Hunt
Acting Chief Executive

Donate to Stonewall


New Family Social is the UK network for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) adoptive and foster families.

Whether you are still deciding how to form your family, are on the way to being a parent, or are busy getting on with family life, you can find others near you in the same situation to share your journey.

As the only UK charity led by LGBT adopters and foster carers we also work with agencies to help with service delivery, and to widen the pool of new parents for the many children who are waiting.

New Family Social's website is www.newfamilysocial.org.uk and our phone number is 0843 2899457. 

Donor Conception Network

This network offers support for families and individuals who is a product of or has used donor conception.  The network has been running 20 years, has many families involved and holds workshops. They have books available that help explain to children of different ages donor conception. www.dcnetwork.org

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