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3spermOne of the most important considerations for a couple or single woman trying for a baby is choosing a sperm donor. For many, this can seem daunting and there are many factors to consider in making the right choice for you.

For anyone looking to choose a sperm donor, your first point of call would be the London Sperm Bank website. They have around 10,000 vials of donor sperm in storage at any given time at and samples are used in over 1,000 of our cycles at the London Women’s Clinic. Once on the site, you can search under a number of different criteria such as race, nationality, education and occupation and a donor’s interests, hobbies and skills. You may be keen for the child to have similar physical features to yourself or a partner and so you can also search under eye and hair colour, height and skin tone. Another great feature is a staff impression which is where the donor is described in the words of the one of the staff at the London Sperm Bank.

In the UK, all sperm donors have to be registered with the HFEA and cannot be anonymous.

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