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5motherbabyChoosing to have a baby, whether as a couple or single parent is a huge decision and can be more complicated if using assisted conception to fulfil your dream of becoming a mum. Legally, you need to be prepared and understand the position of you, your partner and sperm donor or co-parent. We can help put you in touch with the right experts to guide you through the process, but here are some key considerations to get you started.

In the UK, the birth mother will always be the legal mother, with legal parenthood status and parental responsibility. If a woman swaps her eggs and her partner carries the child, whoever gives birth is the legal mother. 

If you are in a civil partnership, the non-birth mother is automatically the legal parent of the child. If you are not in a civil partnership, the non-birth mother can only be a legal parent if you conceive at a UK licensed clinic.

The sperm donor also has no legal status as a parent, but will be able to be found on the HFEA's Register of Information when the child reaches 18. Arrangements with a known sperm donor are more complicated and you should consider a pre-conception agreement.

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