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lwccasestudyFinley is a very healthy and chatty two year old boy, born to Jo Hill (35) and Sarah Childs (34). They opted for IUI treatment and donor sperm from London Sperm Bank and after two unsuccessful rounds, their third attempt brought them the result they longed for. Two and a half years on, Sarah is weeks from giving birth to a brother or sister for Finley, conceived with the same donor’s sperm and IVF treatment via the egg sharing programme at London Women’s Clinic.

“I wasn’t going to be biologically linked to Finley as we were using Sarah’s eggs, so it was important that we found a donor that had similar characteristics to me. We were looking for someone with green eyes like me and also Sarah’s olive skin. We are both just over 5ft tall though and our donor is 6 foot, so it could be interesting when Finley starts to shoot up!

Since Finley was born we’ve been mindful of making sure that he doesn’t feel out of place because he is in a minority by having same sex parents. Early on we joined an organisation called ‘Proud to be Mums’ so that we could meet other people in the same situation as us and Finley already has some playmates there, which is fantastic. A male friend has also been brilliant with Finley and we think he will make a fantastic male role model for him as he grows up.

It is now more than two years since we had Finley and we can’t wait for number two to arrive. This time round we joined the egg sharing programme, where we donated half the eggs to another woman who was going to need donor eggs to conceive. We looked into whether our sperm donor was still part of the donation programme and thankfully he was, so for us we just felt that it was meant to be. An egg recipient match was found and Sarah went on to produce 23 eggs, 11 of these going to the recipient. All 12 eggs fertilised and one better quality embryo was implanted. And it worked!’

We have a few weeks to go before Finley gets to meet his brother or sister and the three of us can’t wait. It has been an eventful and exciting 3 years or so and look what we have to show for it.”

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